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    Georgia Roofing Company

    Georgia Roofing has been building new roofs and providing roof repair in metro Atlanta and points north since 1988. We service all types of residential and commercial roofing including asphalt and wooden shingles, metal, tile, clay and flat roofs.

    We offer free estimates and roof evaluation reports for anyone who has experienced high winds, hail or has purchased a home and would like an honest roof appraisal.

    Our expert roofing team has decades of experience and we will work with you to protect your largest investment and most importantly your loved ones.

    roof leak repair

    If you are in need of residential roof repair because of a leaking roof, please call immediately so that we may install a temporary tarp on your roof to prevent damage to the interior of your home.

    residential roofing

    For twenty five years, we have had the privilege of protecting metro Atlanta residents with our professionally installed roofs.

    industrial roof

    Metal Roofing

    Metal roofs provide a long lasting, durable and energy efficient alternative to shingles. Metal roofs last up to 50 years or more, which is double the lifespan of residential asphalt shingles. Metal roofing has become a very popular choice among homeowners because the material has evolved stylistically.

    metal roof

    There are many metal roof solutions that offer the durability of metal while offering the look of a traditional asphalt shingle roof. Standing seam metal roofs have become a popular metal roof choice; they do not mimic a traditional shingle roof but instead are continuous metal panels that run from the top of the roof down to the eaves with seams connected by fasteners between them.

    Commercial Roofing

    We are familiar with the needs for a reliable structural and efficient roof for commercial buildings and industrial properties. We provide detailed roof inspections including infrared roof moisture surveys.

    roofing company

    If possible, we will always attempt to repair and properly seal any roof part such as a damaged roof cap, vent, boot or chimney flashing. Waterproofing services and Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) installation are available if you are in need of commercial roof repair.

    Commercial Metal Roofing

    A metal roof is the premier choice for a commercial or industrial building. Metal roofs allow building owners more design, color and finish choices.

    commercial roofing

    Additional benefits of a commercial metal roof are its light weight, strong fire resistance and special “cool color” coatings (including dark colors) that are highly-reflective, resulting in lower cooling costs for your buildings.