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Commercial Roof Repair

No matter if you are a commercial or residential customer, when you need roof repair, you want an immediate assessment of exactly what condition your roof is in, and what it is going to take to repair it.

We will provide you with an honest roof evaluation with a free estimate of necessary roof repairs.

commercial roof repair

If you are in need of commercial roof repair because of a leaking roof, please call immediately so that we may install a temporary tarp on your roof to prevent damage to the interior of your building.

Comprehensive Roof Evaluations

Georgia residents know that high winds and hail cause roof damage. Our free roof evaluations include thorough inspections on:

  • entire roof for missing or loose shingles
  • seals on roof shingles
  • storm collars at pipes for proper seal
  • roof valleys for cracks, and deterioration
  • roofing shingle overhangs at gutters, and eves
  • rain gutters, and downspouts for blockage
  • rubber boots at top of pipes for dry rot
  • attic vents for holes or cracks
  • pipe flashings for cracks
roof evaluation

We consider our roofing customers family, which explains why 85% of our business is referred by our existing customers!

Our goal is to make any concerns you may have about your roof vanish!

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